Hannah Bunce Watson (1749-1807)

Art by Julian Lozos (tumblrtwitterdeviantart)

Hannah was a young mother of five children when the death of her husband Ebenezer made her the owner of the Connecticut Courant in 1777.At the time, the Courant had the largest circulation of any newspaper in North America.  As the British had shut down Boston’s newspapers and only allowed loyalist papers in New York to publish, the Connecticut Courant was one of the fewindependent sources of news in the colonies.

In January 1778, loyalists set fire to the mill that produced paper for the Courant.  This could have meant the end of publication for the Courant.  Hannah and Sarah Ledyard, co-owners of the mill, petitioned the Connecticut legislature for funds to rebuild the mill.  A state lottery was established to finance the rebuilding of the mill and the Connecticut Courant continued to publish without interruption.

Hannah’s newspaper is today known as the Hartford Courant and you can follow them on tumblr.

The truly remarkable Hannah is chapter 1 of Remarkable Women of Hartford, written by Cindy Wolfe Boynton and published by The History Press earlier this year:

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